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  • Основанная в 1993 г., компания Advanced Logic Technology за годы своего развития превратилась в признанного мирового лидера в области разработки приборов для построения скважинных изображений, а также программного обеспечения для сбора и обработки данных.
    Обладая более чем 20-летним опытом, компания ALT создала себе солидную репутацию искушенного проектировщика и производителя самых современных инструментов для формирования изображений.
    Программное обеспечение WellCAD, предназначенное для обработки данных, формирует основу для ежедневной работы тысяч людей, имеющих дело со скважинными данными. Программа WellCAD приводит в действие алгоритмы загрузки данных, а также редактирования, анализа и презентации геофизических диаграмм.

  • Scintrex develops, manufactures and sells state-of-the-art geoscientific ... Our sister company Micro-g LaCoste manufactures specialty gravity meters like the ..

  • Geosoft’s mission is to make the explorer data experience simple, natural and powerful. Our promise is less time spent handling data and more freedom to explore.

  • Gem

    The company has been a leader in providing geophysical instruments for ground surveys based on its Proton, Overhauser, and Potassium sensors and systems. In addition to 

  • Geometrics supplies the world with rugged, portable, easy-to-use, and ... Trade Show & Expo Schedule · Affiliate Companies · Membership Organizations.

  • GDD

    Instrumentation GDD Inc. was established in Quebec in 1977 by Edwin Gaucher, Regis Desbiens and Rejean Desbiens. The production line, research and administration offices are located in Quebec City, Canada.

  • Geotomographie was established in June 1999 in Neuwied/Germany. Longterm experiences using geotomographic methods, substantial qualifications and the advantage as a small consultant company were only three reasons offering these geotomographic methods to our clients.

  • ISE

    The ISE Group of Companies is a world leader in the design and integration of autonomous and remotely operated robotic vehicles and terrestrial robotics. The company has evolved a unique skill set for turning concepts into solutions. Integrating complex projects utilizes the company's resources from industrial design, real-time software engineering and embedded systems to prototyping, testing, and quality control.

  • Magnum - это высокоточный и стабильный каротажный магнитометр с датчиком Оверхаузера. Датчик Magnum измеряет спиновую частоту протонов, которые были поляризованы на квантовом принципе, известном как Эффект Оверхаузера.

  • Since 1956, PASI has been manufacturing seismographs for "active seismic" surveys: these are instruments capable of measuring the seismic perturbations produced artificially in the ground by a sledge hammer or an explosive charge and measured by a type of sensor known as a geophone.

  • One of PROTEM's strengths is to anticipate the needs and to know how to meet quality requirements. Its flexibility, its reactivity and capability to adapt itself to its customers' situations, allow PROTEM to offer them an excellent support in their industrial projects all over the world.

  • RMS

    RMS Instruments is a Canadian designer and manufacturer of industry-leading adaptive aeromagnetic real-time compensators, data acquisition systems, VLF EM receivers, and chart recorders, renowned worldwide for their outstanding performance and reliability.

  • Канадская компания -производитель оборудования и сервисная компания, работающая в геолого-геофизической отрасли 

  • AGICO (Advanced Geoscience Instruments Company) situated in Brno, Czech Republic, is one of the most respected world producers of scientific instruments for rock ...

  • Dmt

    Formed in 1990 by the merger of three engineering organisations whose roots extend back to 1737, DMT is able to draw on the vast experience accumulated over the 

  • Geonics Limited, a Canadian-owned company located in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, is a world leader in the design, manufacture and service of 

  • IFG Corporation is a Canadian owned Company and has been designing and manufacturing instrumentation for borehole geophysics since 1979. IFG began 

  • As of June 28, 2001, LaCoste & Romberg-Scintrex, Inc.was acquired by Fugro NV.LaCoste & Romberg-Scintrex, Inc. provides geophysical instrumentation and

  • The Lynn Company is the leading health insurance brokerage in Kern County. Being Certified Healthcare Reform Specialists (CHRS), we provide advice and ...

  • Итальянская компания M.A.E. специализируется в разработке и производстве аппаратуры для геофизических работ различного направления, геотехнического

  • SeaSPY is the most reliable magnetometer you’ll ever meet.Unfailing data, durable hardware, and an easy-going disposition make SeaSPY a mag 

  • Pajari Instruments Ltd. has grown from a partnership established in 1945 when the ... The co-founder of Pajari Instruments believed that if a product wasn't user ...

  • Geophysical manufacturing and exploration contracting company - World leader in magnetotelluric (MT) and induced polarization (IP) instrumentation.

  • NESA stands for Non-Ionizing Electromagnetic Shielding Alternatives. NESA Radiation Solutions Pvt. Ltd. was founded in 2012. Its core expertise is in the 

  • Developer of slim-hole digital borehole logging systems and techniques and the largest global supplier of slim-hole borehole-logging equipment

  • RS DYNAMICS has been a world leader in the design and manufacture of Earth Science and environmental instrumentation since 1989. RS DYNAMICS 

  • SatisGeo started in 2003 as a successor of Geofyzika. It has been good ten years. Develop, Manufacture, Sell, Repair portable instruments for geophysics

  • SES' primary focus is helping its customers assess and mitigate the effects of grounding & electromagnetic interference on people, equipment and the 

  • Shark Marine Technologies Inc. is an industry leader in delivering new and innovative technologies to the underwater industry. Your underwater technology specialists 

  • Over the last 25 years, Terraplus has grown to become one of the world's largest suppliers of geophysical instruments. Our company offers a vast selection of 

  • Zonge International is a trusted geophysical services and equipment resource for geoscientists and project managers in exploration, research, 

  • Поставки различного специального оборудования, инструментов, аппаратуры как в виде отдельных изделий, так и в интегрированных комплексах